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Cargill reaffirms support for the Antinea Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness and understanding of marine conservation issues - 4 March 2012.

Cargill is continuing its sponsorship of the Antinea Foundation and their project - The Changing Oceans Expedition.  Antinea, a Geneva-based foundation registered in 2007, operates as an international non-profit organisation which aims to reconcile the health of the global marine environment with the practicalities of human activities in relation to the world’s oceans.

The foundation focuses its efforts on three fields of activity: science, communication and outreach. The Changing Oceans Expedition aims to visit up to 100 of the most important marine eco-regions around the globe over a 10-year timeframe. As part of its core scientific mission the expedition brings together a team of leading international scientists who are conducting a research programme designed to validate and build upon “a global map of human impact on marine ecosystems” (B.S. Halpern et al. Science 2008).  In addition, The Changing Oceans Expedition provides a compelling communications platform to engage with both an international audience – raising awareness of the vital role that oceans play for humanity – and with the wide range of local and regional communities and stakeholders who take part in the missions conducted onboard.  

“We are almost three years into The Changing Oceans Expedition”, says David French, head of strategic partnerships at the Antinea Foundation.  “This year, we expect the release and publication of several important scientific reports linked both directly and indirectly to our work. We look forward to returning to some of the communities with which we have already worked, from Morocco to the Red Sea, to explore what can be done on a local and international level to implement the recommendations contained in these reports. We will also be extending our mission to new regions, from the Canary Islands to the west coast of Africa. Cargill has been instrumental in contributing to the success of our scientific mission, and we have benefited not just from their financial support but also from the engagement and support of its employees who have volunteered with us.”

“We are delighted to continue our support of The Antinea Foundation’s Changing Oceans Expedition”, says Roger Janson, head of Cargill’s Ocean Transportation business.  “The world’s oceans play a vital role in global trade and in connecting products from areas of surplus to areas where they are most needed.  However, it is critical that the shipping industry operates as efficiently, responsibly and sustainably as possible in order to minimize its impact on the environment and protect the ocean’s ecosystems, some of which are coming under increasing pressure.”   

Cargill’s Ocean Transportation business is part of the company’s Energy Transportation and Metals group of businesses and is a global leader in ocean freight chartering, trading, logistics, operations and risk management. 



March 4, 2012