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Welcome to INEM, the International Network for Environmental Management

This platform is the entry point to the knowledge and offerings of our worldwide network of entrepreneurial sustainability. It gives you access to best practices of environmental management in industries as well as small and medium sized companies. You will find tools for the implementation of ISO and EMAS standards, an international events calendar and more than 6.000 publications on energy, waste and water topics.

The International Network for Environmental Management e.V. (INEM), founded in 1991, is the world federation of non-profit national business associations for environmental management with about 30 member associations and cleaner production centres in 25 countries.

The purpose of this non-for-profit association is the promotion of

  • the protection of the environment, especially of the water, the soil and the air, as well as the protection of animals and plants from ecological damage;
  • the protection of human health;
  • science and scientific research, especially in the field of environmental protection.

Find further information about INEMs´goals here.

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