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Legal information

Required information § 6 TDG and § 10 MdStV:

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Although all provided information on this website has been carefully checked and reflects current medical knowledge, we do not assume responsibility for such information. Though carefully selected, we assume no responsibility for the content of internet sites linked to our site. At the time of establishing the links, all linked pages were free of illegal content.



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Data protection

Every request of specific data from the selection on our website is saved.
Saved data consist of:

  • the page, from which the data was requested (referer)
  • the name of the data
  • the date and time of request
  • request status (transferred data, unfound data, etc.)
  • description of the type of the used webbrowser
  • IP-address of the requesting computer

Saved data are exclusively used for statistical purposes, and will not be made available to third parties, in full or in part. Also, these data will not be used for advertisement purposes.

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