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Ihobe publishes the Activity Report that rounds up its 2011 management plan - 12 February, 2012.

EcoEuskadi 2020, hosting the Basque Ecodesign Meeting, setting up the Basque Ecodesign Center and renewing the silver Q for its management excellence were the most important achievements in the last part of the year.

Ihobe has today released its year-end final Progress Report, a report that Ihobe publishes three times a year in order to report on the progress of its projects, as part of this public corporation’s good corporate governance policy.

The most outstanding results reflected in this report include the turning point when the Basque Sustainable Strategy, EcoEuskadi 2020, was passed and the organisation of a ceremony in September to recognise the work of the nearly 5000 people and collectives involved in the process. The ceremony was held at the Artaza Palace in Leioa, which was attended by nearly 500 representatives of the entities in question.

Hosting the Basque Ecodesign Meeting last November was another of the main actions.  This international congress was backed by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Industry and attracted over 300 specialists in Ecodesign and service and product innovation to Bilbao.

Precisely, the congress was the setting to unveil the Basque Ecodesign Centre, an ecodesign hub lead, along with Ihobe, by 6 of the most trail-blazing companies of the Basque Country in the field – Cie Automotive, Fagor, Gamesa, Iberdrola, Ormazabal and Vicinay Cadenas -, and whose mission is to generate new business opportunities and to drive Basque SMEs towards more sustainable and efficient production methods.



February 12, 2012.