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Iberdrola, Osakidetza Comarca Bilbao, Udapa, Yor, Sener and Colegio Calasancio, winners of the "European Business Awards for the Environment" in the Basque Country - 30 December, 2011.

Iberdrola, Osakidetza Comarca Bilbao, Udapa, Yor, Sener and Colegio Calasancio are the winners of the 2011-2012 "European Business Awards for the Environment" in the Basque Country. The awards were announced by Pilar Unzalu, the Basque Government's Minister for the Environment, during a ceremony held at Bilbao's Campos Elíseos Theatre that was attended by over one hundred companies.

Apart from the winning organisations, which received the award sculpture, Ramondin Cápsulas, the Usansolo-Galdakao Hospital,Zumarraga HospitalA&B Laboratorio de Bioteconología,  Shutonand Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos CLH,  were the runners-up and their prizes were awarded by the Basque Deputy Minister for the  Environment, Arantza Leturiondo.

In the words of the Basque Government’s Minister for the Environment, Pilar Unzalu, “these companies haveshown that the environment does not hinder the growth of our economy.  Quite to the contrary, it is a magnificent opportunity to create wealth, increase business competitiveness, generate first-rate jobs and increase social well-being".

The jury gave particular importance to entries that helped to achieve the goals of the Eco-Efficiency In the Basque Company Programme 2010-2014, in which over 300 Basque organisations are taking part and which seeks to enhance the competitiveness of the Basque business fabric by means of integrating the environmental variable in its management.

The green sector is among those that currently offer more business opportunities, more employment and a greater contribution to the economy with annual growth of 6% worldwide”, stressed Unzalu.

27 Basque entries

There were a total of 27 entries from Basque companies this year. They will all compete again, along with the entries from the rest of Spain, in the Spanish section of these awards. Finally, the winners from each member country of the European Union will then be entered for the international category of the European Award, whose winners will be announced next year.

The European Business Awards for the Environment were launched in 1987 by the European Commission Environment Directorate-General to mark the World Environment Year. They are designed to recognise business excellence in this field and reward innovative companies, whose operations exceed the environmental legislation and requirements, which mean that they set an example in environmental practices. These are the highest awards in the field of business sustainable development.



Dec 30, 2011.