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Ihobe moves towards responsible governance - Dec 12, 2011.

Ihobe has created a new public section on its webpage, which, under the title of Responsible Governance, makes various documents available to users which detail, among other information, the management and corporate activities of the organisation, the ethics and code of conduct to which its staff adhere, and the organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy.

The objective is to become more efficient and transparent, adding value and strengthening its corporate presence, in accordance with the guidelines established in the "Guide for the responsible governance of the public sector entities, companies, and foundations of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi", published by the Basque Government in 2009.

Responsible Governance is a concept which encompasses a management and administration strategy for companies based on transparency, management of the impact that company activities have on the environment, and the effective and satisfactory fulfilment of stakeholder expectations. It has two main goals: on one hand, to ensure the financial viability of the companies themselves; and, on the other hand, to convert the companies into active players in the face of the challenges presented by sustainable development in the communities in which they operate. 



Dec 12, 2011.