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Ihobe leading the action on biodiversity by the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory - 18 September, 2012.

Ihobe is coordinating the work on biodiversity on the southern slope of the Pyrenees within the Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory.

This entity, set up by the Pyrenees Work Community (CTP) in 2010, is working on developing strategies and toola to enhance adaptation to climate trends and to their impact, both on the environment and on the different socio-economic sectors of the Pyrenees.

During the initial phase of the Observatory work, a project has been run which tackled different areas including the local evolution of the climate, water resources, biodiversity, water or natural risks, involving the partnership of ten Spanish and French public and private entities.

Ihobe is coordinating the working group made up of the Public University of Navarra, the Pyrenees Ecology Institute (CSIS), Barcelona University and the Barcelona Botanical Institute (CSIC). Its French counterpart is the Conservatoire Botanique National des Pyrénées et de Midi-Pyrénées.

This group is focusing on gathering data on the distribution of flora species in the Pyrenees which will enable the foundations to be laid to detect and be ahead of the impact that climate change may have on plant biodiversity and prepare the measures to prevent their loss or reduction.

This project, with a budget of nearly 2 million euros for the 2012-2013 two-year period, is funded by the Spain-France-Andorra Territorial Cooperation Operating Progamme 2007-2013 (POCTEFA), along with the European Regional Development Fund ERDF.



18 September, 2012.