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Vicinay Cadenas has presented their strategy for the development of Environmental Product Declarations in Stockholm - 29 May 2012.

Accompanied by the public society Ihobe, the Basque firm, a member of the Basque Ecodesign Center, Vicinai Cadenas has travelled to Sweden to present their successful experiences in EPD eco-labelling for the product they are selling: high added-value chains for low lines destined for the offshore oil and gas industry.

About 80 companies and entities that promote the system of EPD environmental labelling for products (Environmental Product Declaration), which originate from various European countries, amongst them Vicinay Cadenas and Ihobe, met last Tuesday the 15th of May in Stockholm. The motive was the celebration of the First EPD System Congress organized by Environdec, a certified organism of Environmental Product Declaration with great worldwide recognition.

Firms from diverse sectors such as railways (Bombardier), the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer Inc), food sector (Barilla), mining and metallurgic sector (Centro de Investigación Minera y Metalúrgica of Chile) or naval and petroleum sector (Vicinay Cadenas), amongst others, shared their experiences with product eco-labelling with the attendees through their respective presentations. Two of the principal reasons that the companies have decided to promote EPD eco-labeling (type III, based on the ISO standard 14025) arte transparency in the communication of environmental efficiency of the goods and services that are marketed by the company, and the provision of information to clients  to help them in the decision making, during the purchase process, so that they carry out responsible purchases, based on real and verified data.

Vicinay Cadenas’ invitation to be a presenter at this meeting is thanks to the work that the firm has carried out during recent years in relation to the promotion of EPD eco-labeling. In 2009, Vicinay Cadenas was the first company in the naval and petroleum sector at a worldwide level to publish an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), providing information about the impact generated in the industrial process from the steel manufacturer until the end of the useful life of the product. Three years later, Vicinay Cadenas has already provided eco-labels for its entire range of chains, as well as three of their shackle products.

As well as the presenting companies, about 80 entities and companies that promote the ecological labelling have participated in the congress, such as Hugo Boss, Siemens, Saint Gobain, Astra Tech, Lenovo Nordic, ABB. Aquafil, Scandinavian, Business Seating, representatives from the Swedish Ministry for the Environment, the Swedish Federation of Forestry Industry and the Canadian Institute for Sustainable Materials Athena, among others.

Environmental Product Declaration

The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are the most utilized and recognized systems internationally by the leading companies in their sectors of activity in countries such as Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland or Japan. They are applicable to all product types in order to provide relevant, verified and comparable information of the environmental characteristics to the client.

Environdec is an organization that includes 27 associated entities from all over the world. The commitment of each of them is to promote environmental sustainability in the industrial sector through product eco-labelling, a system that informs the client of the environmental characteristics of the same.



29 May, 2012.