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EcoEuskadi 2020 at the European Summit of Regions and Cities in Copenhaguen - 9 March 2012

Ihobe, as the technical secretary, will present the Basque Sustainable Development Strategy, EcoEuskadi 2020 at the European Summit of Regions and Cities to be held in Copenhagen on 22 and 23 March 2012. The project has been selected to be showcased as an example of good practices in sustainable development and its participation at the summit will position the Basque Country as one of the most advanced regions in this area.

Hosted in an environment such as Copenhagen known for the high quality of life, architectural achievements, accomplishments in sustainable development and social cohesion, the European Summit of Regions and Cities will offer an excellent opportunity to reflect on the European model for the “urban fabric”.

The leaders of cities and regions are invited to voice their views on the many challenges they face and to present some of their practical solutions and innovative approaches, during various workshops and exhibitions on best urban development practices.

Ecoeuskadi 2020 is the Basque sustainable development strategy that the Basque Government passed on 5 July last year. Its purpose is to orientate public action of the Basque institutions and combine the environmental, social and economic aspects to progress toward an innovative and ecoefficient country, which is economically competitive and environmentally and socially committed.



9 March, 2012.