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Gamesa, the first company in the wind-energy sector to be awarded the eco-design certification ISO14006 for its products - 21 February 2012.

Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica, one of the world leaders in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of wind turbines, has been awarded the Eco-design International Standard ISO 14006 certification in recognition of the environmental friendliness of its products. Gamesa thereby becomes the first company in the sector to successfully internationalise its environmental management system, while re-iterating its commitment to eco-efficiency and sustainability.

With the Eco-design International Standard ISO 14006 accreditation, Gamesa takes another step towards achieving its main objectives: the efficiency of its wind platforms, thanks to the minimisation of the environmental impact caused by each product and production process and to the creation of a system which ensures continuous improvement in the company’s environmental performance.

However, the commitment on the part of Gamesa Corporación Tecnología to increase the sustainability of its products through an ethos of eco-design has already been in evidence for a long period of time.   One of the last measures taken by the company to this end was to become a founding partner of the Basque Ecodesign Centertogether with CIE Automotive, Fagor, Iberdrola, Ihobe, Ormazabal and Vicinay Cadenas. This is a public-private organisation with offices in the Basque Country and which was set up to address the issues of the design and implementation of innovative eco-design projects 

The initiative, which is a pioneer project in Spain and is led by the Basque Country’s Department of the Environment through Ihobe, a Public Environmental Management Company, was launched in November 2011 in the Bilbao Ecodesign Meeting Conference. It is unique in that it is the only organisation of its kind in Southern Europe.  

In addition, Gamesa is registered on Ihobe’s Eco-effiency in Basque Companies 2010-2014 programme, in which almost 400 Basque companies now participate.

Strategic importance of Eco-design

Gamesa’s representatives are convinced that the environmental considerations which are ever-present throughout the supply chain when applying this system will contribute to the competitiveness of the company and will help increase their market share in countries such as the United States and India. This is because it is an approach which also serves to reduce costs.



February 21, 2012.