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Green jobs and environmental competitiveness, the hubs of Ihobe's activity for 2012 - 05 February, 2012.

Contributing towards job creation and helping to improve the competitiveness of the Basque Country's companies will be the main aims of the 75 projects that Ihobe, the Public Environmental Management Corporation of the Government of the Basque Autonomous Community (region), will be running in 2012. Alongside these priorities, the Director General of this public corporation has indicated that they will be working to increase Ihobe's reference in the Spanish State and internationally and to move closer to the general public.

This morning, Ihobe’s Director General presented the Management Plan to about a hundred supplier organisations to inform them about the projects this public corporation will be carrying out. Fernando Barrenechea pointed out that the tasks Ihobe will be undertaking during this year have been selected on the basis of making a direct contribution to job creation,  improving business competitiveness, and the impact they can have on the general public. 

"In the medium term our production base will be absorbing and incorporating jobs specialising in environmental matters, just as in the past it assimilated and took on employment linked to quality assurance. The production base will also be seeking increasingly environmentally friendly services and products in a society that is more and more concerned not only about what but also about how,” asserts Ihobe in its Management Plan.

Barrenechea urged the companies and organisations present at the Forum to collaborate together with Ihobe to increase and improve the Basque Autonomous Community’s reference as an advanced region in terms of sustainability, and to highlight the work they have been doing with this public corporation.

About 60% of Ihobe’s budget for 2012 will be devoted to what it has termed as "value hubs": continuing with the development of the Eco-efficiency Plan in companies to improve their competitiveness by incorporating environmental criteria into their production processes; expanding the deployment of Udalsarea21, the Basque Network of Municipalities towards Sustainability; breathing life into the Basque Ecodesign Center; and being an effective and efficient public corporation. 

Finally, the 12th edition of the Suppliers’ Forum facilitated the subsequent meeting of Ihobe with about ten key organisations in Basque society to establish future alliances and possible mutual collaboration. These organisations include foundations of a business and social nature, universities, R+D centres, organisations geared towards getting young people into the labour market, etc.



February 05, 2012.