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Ihobe and the Bizkaia Professional Association of Engineers join forces to drive ecodesign and sustainable building in engineering companies - 25 January, 2012.

Ihobe, the Basque Government's Environmental Management Company, and the Bizkaia Professional Association of Industrial Engineers have been working together since 11 January to promote ecodesign and sustainable building and refurbishing work among the engineering companies of Bizkaia, thanks to the agreement that both entities have signed as part of the Basque Industry Eco-efficiency Programme 2014.

The agreement was entered into after both entities noted that they share a common vision that a sustainable and competitive Basque Country is not possible unless ustainable building and ecodesign principles are applied, with a life-cycle analysis approach, which has to be implemented in all areas of design and production.  

Thanks to this agreement, Bizkaia engineering firms will find it easier to access and obtain the Ecodesign UNE-EN ISO 14006 standard and may receive specific training in the aforementioned standards through workshops and expert courses in Ecodesign and Sustainable Building.

The undertakings by both entities include preparing a specific manual on ecodesign for engineering companies. On the other hand, associates of the Professional Association may obtain customized advice and information through the free advisory services included in the Eco-efficiency Programme run by Ihobe and the Basque Government's Minister for the Environment.

The application and deployment of the Ecodesign and Sustainable Building and Refurbishing Guides in the sector will be basis for the activities coming under the agreement.

Planners and designers are key figures to achieve better sustainable guidelines as it has been proven that 80% of environmental impacts can be reduced in the design phase of products, services, buildings, etc.



January 25, 2012.