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Ihobe has published the "Report on trends in green public procurement and contracting" in December 2011 - 08 January, 2012.

The Basque Public Environmental Management Company, Ihobe, has published the fourth "Report identifying international trends in green public procurement and purchasing" (GPPC) which includes new developments in the field of social purchasing and green private purchasing.

In this report, the 21st of its kind, it is important to note in the public sector, the European Parliament’s resolution regarding the modernisation of public contracting and the European Commission’s initiatives pertaining to criteria applied to new product groups, in accordance with the establishment of criteria for new European Eco-Label categories and the updating of the guide for «Ecological purchasing»

In the private sector, two projects have been launched which aim to improve the environmental performance of companies in the textile and publishing industries, through a variety of eco-design strategies. They also aim to raise awareness among consumers (the general population; the public and private sectors).

Other new developments detailed in the report are the commencement of various European projects aimed at promoting sustainable public procurement (environmental as well as social) as well as the open call, within the 7thFramework Programme, for support for international buyer networks in order that they will promote and foster public contracting activities that will be innovative in nature.  

On the international stage, these initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable procurement and contracting have been introduced to the Inter-American Government Procurement Network and also in Chile.

The «Report on the identification of international trends pertaining to green public procurement and contracting» will be released quarterly and will be drawn up with the aim of identifying the latest advances and strategic action lines in regards to GPPC, particularly on the European and International stages.  


January 8, 2012.