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CORDIS launches Top Stories service highlighting EU-funded research results - Nov. 08, 2013

CORDIS launches Top Stories service highlighting EU-funded research results - Nov. 08, 2013

CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, is undergoing a significant revamp, starting with the new "Top Stories" service to bring you the best of European research. 

Top Stories bring together the achievements and success stories across the many domains of the EU research Framework Programmes. These in-depth articles are tailored for wide dissemination on EU websites such as Digital Agenda, ERC, and Research on Europa as well as newswires like AlphaGalileo. 

The Top Stories tab replaces the former Results tab on the CORDIS website's new top menu. The Technology Marketplace is also being phased out and its technology offers have been rebranded as "Results in Brief", reflecting their role in providing the broader public with a multilingual overview of a project's outcomes and supporting the exploitation of research results. 

A Result in Brief is written for every project that has submitted a periodic or final report to the European Commission. Thousands of these FP6 and FP7 publishable summaries are published on CORDIS as "Report Summaries" (formerly known as "Results"), documenting the progress of research as reported by the project consortiums. 

Both Results in Brief and Report Summaries are linked to the relevant project factsheet as part of an enhanced Projects and Results service. Results in Brief also form the core of the research*eu results magazine, available as a free subscription or e-book download. 

These changes reflect the role of CORDIS as the European Commission's primary public repository and portal to disseminate information on all EU-funded research projects and their results. They follow the progressive migration of more specialised services, such as calls for proposal, registration for experts, National Contact Points and official FP7 documents, to theParticipant Portal. 

Further improvements are planned for CORDIS, including a new search service, a refreshed News and Events service, simplified submission of articles via Wire, access to open data and the archiving or removal of unnecessary or obsolete content.

Feedback and comments are very welcome, as CORDIS prepares for Horizon2020, either through the CORDIS Help Desk or by responding to the survey that will be launched soon.
Nov. 08, 2013