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Governor Jindal Opposes BP's Ad Campaign - Sep 13, 2013

The Louisiana governor calls the oil company out for spending more money on advertising than disaster relief - Sep 13, 2013

Due to a recent advertising campaign from BP that alleges that the company is a “victim of fraud” from Gulf Coast residents reporting fraudulent claims from the Deepwater Horizon spill, Governor Bobby Jindal has taken a stand. According to the DeSmogBlog, Jindal publicly stated at the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council that he disapproves of the oil company spending millions of dollars on their advertising instead paying for their Clean Water Act and Natural Resources Damage liabilities.

GovernorJindalThe ad campaign, which can be seen here, suggests that those affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster on the Gulf Cost are reporting fraudulent claims. The article on DeSmogBlog reports the ads suggest “the families impacted by the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill are greedy and corrupt – it’s the mirror opposite of reality.” The ad tells viewers to call a hotline to report fraudulent claims.

According to an article from MotherJones, BP could fall $6 billion short of their $8 billion spill damages fund that was setup after the spill, while they’re spending millions of dollars on television advertising.

BP has responded to Jindal’s accusation by saying that Jindal “misinterpreted” BP’s legal framework regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster as well as their track record in the Gulf Coast.

The spill killed 11 men and poured four million barrels of oil into the Gulf Coast. BP has yet to pay all of their damage claims.

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Sept 13, 2013