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Garden Enthusiasts Get Practical Solutions to Climate Change at Home - Jun 28, 2013

A new program allows Americans to see the impacts of climate change in gardens and the many things that are being done to help prevent or prepare for it. - Jun 28, 2013

YOUtopia offers gardeners and garden enthusiasts comprehensive information on the impacts of climate change and simple, easy steps to take in their own lives to participate in solutions. The program, developed by the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) and ecoAmerica, allows Americans to “see with their own eyes” impacts of climate change in gardens and the many things that are being done to help prevent or prepare for it.

YOUtopia is rolling out through APGA’s 500 public garden members that welcome over 70 million visitors annually. It is the first national program of its kind for public gardens that focuses on garden impact reduction, climate change solutions, and visitor engagement. Public gardens have a rich history of translating science for public education and are perfectly positioned to inspire millions of Americans to engage in climate change solutions that are personally empowering.

"YOUtopia has the potential to be an influential force in engaging Americans to prepare for and help prevent further climate change,” said Casey Sclar, executive director, APGA. “More than just beautiful and safe places for residents and tourists to visit, public gardens often go beyond their gates to promote conservation awareness and environmental stewardship.”

YOUtopia includes current, positive, solutions for climate change globally, regionally, locally; it offers practical ways people can join in. By demonstrating the effects of climate change while focusing on relevant, positive solutions, communities, educators, garden staff, and visitors can understand how their personal and civic behaviors can have positive impacts.

To show leadership by example, public gardens are making commitments to reduce their own climate impacts. These actions including composting, energy efficiency, green power, and the use of local food in their cafes, will be shared nationally through YOUtopia.

YOUtopia will be visible at public gardens through exhibit signage, in garden education programs, online, and other communications.  To learn more, please click here.

 Jun 28, 2013