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MVO Nederland launches CSR Risk Check - 14, May 2013

MVO Nederland launches CSR Risk Check - 14, May 2013

An interactive new tool has recently been launched by MVO Nederland, which offers a fast and easy insight into CSR risks in international business conduct.

Within five minutes this freely available online tool provides an insight into risks companies might encounter through international business operations and trade.  The CSR Risk Check helps entrepreneurs estimate social and environmental risks throughout their supply chains and overseas production, which helps prevent and mitigate issues like child labour, pollution and corruption.

The CSR Risk Check provides businesses and consumers with specific information on CSR risks broken down by country, product and raw material. After answering a few simple questions, a report is generated that contains risk information and possible mitigating measures specific to the company’s business endeavours.

The English version of the CSR Risk Check is available at


14, May 2013