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Ihobe to host the I International Conference on Land Protection in Bilbao - 31 August, 2012.

Ihobe, the Environmental Management Public Corporation, will hold the International Conference on Land Protection at the Euskalduna Conference of Bilbao on 22 and 23 October.

The event will be held parallel to the Common Forum on Contaminated Land, which will enable this panel of European experts to take part in this event, along with the representatives of European authorities attending the forum. 

The Conference will feature leading speakers from the fields of urban planning, economics, biology and land protection, among other areas, and will combine specific sessions and work tables, dedicated to four major areas: 

- The efficient use of land as resources (economic implications).
- The value of land as a service provider of the ecosystems.
- Land management through urban development.
- The new concepts of land protection.

The goals of the I International Conference on Land Protection, organised by Ihobe, include reflecting on the future of land management, to then apply the points raised to establish an approach to ecology, land ecology, management and economics, awareness-raising of stakeholders regarding new concepts such as the interrelation and integration of the protection of the environmental media and their efficient use, identifying the key points underpinning the preparation of new policies for the efficient use of the land and progress in land protection from the prevention and correction of contamination to the integral protection of land as a resource.

Registration for the event will soon be available through the Ihobe website.



31 August, 2012.