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Enel engaged in development of Smart Cities - 23 August, 2012.

The EU Commission speeds up on smart city management. Enel plays a central role in this field, with various initiatives in Spain, Latin America and Italy, including joint project with the Municipality of Bologna

"To reunite in a single European framework all the ongoing research and development initiatives regarding city management through smart technologies." This is the aim pointed out in the 2013 plan fro “Smart Cities and Communities Innovation Partnership” (SCC) recently launched by the  European Commission.

The purpose it to coordinate and concentrate the various European activities regarding Smart Cities in a few demonstration projects, which in 2013 are expected to receive EU funding worth  365 million euros.

In the field of smart cities, Enel plays a central role at a global level, with significant projects in Italy, Brazil, Chile and Spain, where the most noteworthy are developed in Malaga and Barcelona.

In Italy projects are carried out in Turin, Genoa, Forlì-Cesena, Pisa and Bari, and more recently also Bologna. Enel’s director of the Infrastructure and Network Department Livio Gallo and the Mayor Virginio Merola have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at increasing the sustainability of this city, working on environmental protection, energy efficiency and economic sustainability. To this end smart grids, a field in which Enel is a global leader, are essential.

A Smart City – said Gallo -  is based on smart infrastructure from every point of view.  Smart grids will enable the development of additional energy efficiency initiatives, such as smart electric mobility and innovative added value services for customers. Enel’s aim is to create a network infrastructure that will  smartly integrate the activities of all grid-connected users. Within Smart Cities, smart grids help reduce about 30% CO2 emissions compared with city targets.



23 August, 2012.