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Ihobe publishes the 2011 Industrial Ecobarometer report in full - 13 August, 2012.

Ihobe, the Environmental Management Corporation of the Basque Government, has published the full survey of the 2011 Industrial Ecobarometer, where the perceptions of the companies of the Basque Country regarding the environment are analysed. The results of this report, conducted as part of the Ecoefficiency Programme, seek to foster strategic decision-taking in consultancy and engineering firms and public administrations.

According to the 2011 Industrial Ecobarometer, 52% of Basque companies believe that cost cutting is one of the most important targets to be 

more competitive. Other key factors to enhance business competitiveness are productivity (45%), expanding to new international markets (40%) and incorporating technology and innovation (27%).

This report, which includes the contributions of 600 Basque companies and covers over 27 questions, aims to establish the degree of environmental commitment and the usefulness of the environment as an environmental factor for Basque industry.

The nine chapters that make up this document contain the opinion of Basque companies regarding aspects such as the environment and competitiveness, eco-efficiency and eco-innovation, green markets or the environmental impact that they may be generating.

In this edition of the Industrial Ecobarometer that Ihobe publishes every two years, the results can be consulted either by the company size, or by the sector to which they belong, or by the companies that have an environmental management system or invest in R&D or by those that are covered by the Ecodesign Directive.



13 August, 2012.