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Ihobe publishes its annual report for 2011 under the slogan "A more sustainable future is possible" - 29 May 2012.

The Public Environmental Management Company Ihobe once again presents its annual report, which details its main achievements and activities for the year. During 2011, the organisation has made important strides in helping establish a culture of environmental sustainability in the Basque Autonomous Community. The report also sets out the core values around which the public body's projects and services in 2012 will be based. These include employment, governance, citizenship, competitiveness and information.

Ihobe’s annual report is presented under the slogan “A more sustainable future is possible” and lists the milestones which were achieved by the public organisation in 2011.

Some of the main activities which it carried out include the fulfilment of its role as technical secretary of the Basque Sustainable Development Strategy – EcoEuskadi 2020, and the presentation of the “Green jobs and markets 2020” report, which discusses the role of Basque industry in helping create a sustainable economy.  

An important achievement highlighted in Ihobe's annual report for 2011 is the birth of the “Tak 21” application, which is used for measuring the global quality of Local Agendas 21. The creation of the Basque Ecodesign Center, which is an institution promoting innovative eco-design projects, has also been a success.  Yet another important milestone came in the form of the double certification in Innovation Management and Technological Watch, awarded by AENOR. Indeed, Ihobe is the first public body in the Basque Country to attain it.  

Through this document, Ihobe reveals the new mission and values of its team members, and the challenge which it has set itself for the year 2020: "to add the maximum value possible as a team and the greatest enthusiasm possible as people to the Basque Autonomous Community’s new transformation model - EcoEuskadi 2020".



29 May, 2012.