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Panasonic kids school “eco learning” programme attracts a lot of interest at primary schools in Bulgaria - 16 April 2012.

On 1st February 2012, Panasonic launched kids school “eco learning” programme in Bulgaria. With this programme, children learn how to protect our planet Earth and to share their opinions about eco-friendly lifestyle. Teachers acting as project managers at schools appreciate that the easy-to-understand and playful way of this programme can get their students acquainted with climate change issues and raise their awareness of our planet preservation. Pupils learn with educational materials created by Panasonic together with the NGO FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) and videos. They are so excited about what they learn and they even discuss the issues at home with their parents. Many of them look for ways to act more responsibly and to contribute to a sustainable eco lifestyle.

Each participating pupil is asked to record their own eco experiences and ideas in an Eco Picture Diary in writing and drawing. The best Bulgarian Eco Picture Diaries will be rewarded with attractive prizes. The top winner will be selected by 31st May 2012 and will have a chance to win 5,000 Euro for an eco activity of their school in the Pan-European Eco Picture Diary competition at Panasonic Europe.



16 April, 2012.