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Ihobe-line processed over 3,000 calls in 2011 - 22 March 2012.

Ihobe-line, the free information services, answered over 3,000 queries raised by the users and helped nearly 900 companies in 2011. This helpline, which deals with environmental issues, was set up by Ihobe, the Environmental Management Public Corporation.

During this period, the most recurrent topics were non-hazardous waste, the Ecoefficiency in the Basque Company Programme, the subsidies available from the Basque Government's Department for the Environment, Land Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries, the accredited entities in different sectors, along with ecodesign.

Ihobe-line is an environmental helpline run by experts, who will answer any question raised about the environment free-of-charge. The assistance is available by phone (900 150 864) or by email ( and fax (94 425 59 10).

In order to provide an integral service, its scope was extended in 2011 and in addition to providing a specific answer to the question raised, users are now offered a customized advisory service regarding the different Ihobe tools available (training, onsite advisory service, working groups, etc.). User satisfaction (7.69 points out of 10) highlights the quality, proximity and usefulness of the service.



22 March, 2012.