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CSR Europe welcomes Ricoh to the membership network - 9 March 2012.

CSR Europe is delighted to welcome IT products and services provider, Ricoh, to the membership network. Ricoh helps customers enhance their office productivity and revolutionize their workflow with its imaging products and service solutions tailored to company-specific needs and challenges. With its core Imaging and Solutions, Industrial Products, and Other business categories, Ricoh offers innovative approaches and solutions based on their company values to accommodate advanced contemporary information requirements. Ricoh aims to constantly improve the quality, safety, information security, and reliability of their products and services, and provide satisfaction and delight to as many stakeholders as possible. Ricoh is an active member of the communities and engages in social contribution activities while respecting local cultures and deepening communication with locals, in order to contribute to the development of the local country and community. Furthermore, Ricoh is strengthening and accelerating environmental management through both the reduction of environmental impact and the conservation of biodiversity in order to simultaneously achieve environmental conservation and profits.



9 March, 2012.