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Ihobe publishes the list of entities on the Spanish EMAS environmental excellence register - 4 March 2012.

Ihobe has published a tool on its website which contains comprehensive information on the Spanish organisations on the EMAS environmental excellence register. The information will be regularly updated.

The tool consists of an Excel document with information on all the entities that hold EMAS certification in Spain.  Thanks to the tool, the user can obtain information classified by activity or sector, by Autonomous Community and even by municipality. The information on these companies committed to the EMAS Environmental Management System has been provided by each of the competent authorities.  Ihobe will regularly update this information.

The EU EMAS III Regulation is a voluntary scheme that provides a framework to help organisations to improve their environmental performance efficiently and transparently. Therefore, compared to other environmental management systems (EMS), organisations implementing an EMAS EMS provide a plus in terms of guarantee, efficiency and transparency, which the Basque Government’s Ministry for the Environment, Land Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries values very positively.

As a competent authority, the Basque Government’s Department for the Environment likewise aims to use this tool to showcase the EMAS companies and promote this environmental management system in order to comply with one of the EMAS III functions for those authorities.

The  industrial sector account for 57% of the companies on the Basque EMAS Register compared to an average of 32% for the rest of Spain.  The Basque Government’s Department for the Environment is working to boost these figures by targeting SMEs in the industrial/production sectors to promote its policy, as they are the ones with the greatest environmental impact and where the EMAS proves to be most effective in achieving cleaner production, cutting greenhouse gases and as a cost saving measure.

The relevant information on the EMAS Environmental Management System and the registration procedure is available from the Department of the Environment’s website and through Ihobe, the environmental management public corporation



March 4, 2012.