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Environmental Weather Map

That is the environmental situation of your company? To find out, take a few minutes to do a mini-audit with various members of your staff. Ask them to give quick and intuitive responses: one tick per question.

The correspondence between the results of this quick survey and those of more sophisticated auditing methods will surprise you.

120 seconds for a weather map of environmental management in your company:

Use of raw materials
Use and choice of energy
Use of water and wastewater
Prevention and reduction of waste
Recycling and selective separation of waste
Air pollution, dust and odours
Storage of products
Reduction and control of noise and vibrations
Health and safety in the workplace
Mobility and transport of employees and goods
Prevention of environmental accidents
Environmental information (internal and external)
Communication with suppliers
Green planning for goods and services
Motivation of managers
Motivation of employees
Administrative situation
Overall climate in the company